Go through the menopause with Watford musical

The cast of Menopause the MusicalThe cast of Menopause the Musical
The cast of Menopause the Musical
Cold sweats, hot flushes, raging hormones and mood swings. Menopause The Musical is on tour and covers all the symptoms that can come with the change of life.

The show debuted in Florida 16 years ago and has now been seen across the world with millions of people enjoying the humorous and musical insight into a normal stage of life.

It centres around four women who meet by chance while out shopping for lingerie in a department store. With seemingly nothing in common they bond as they make fun of their experiences of The Change.

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More than 20 songs parody popular music from the baby boom era with lyrics about chocolate cravings, hot flushes, loss of memory, nocturnal sweats, not enough sex or too much sex.

Critics advise female audience members to wear waterproof mascara because there is so much laughter in the show.

The UK tour currently stars Cheryl Ferguson (East-Enders), Maureen Nolan of the singing group The Nolans, Rebecca Wheatley (Casualty) and Ruth Berkeley from the Al Murray Show.

This is Cheryl’s second tour with the show and for her the timing could not be better. She said: “This show simply had to be made. It tells you it’s OK to talk about the subject and I’m delighted because I’m going through the menopause myself at the moment. You see, until you do, you have no idea it’s such a big thing.”

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Maureen is just as enthusiastic about the show. She said: “The timing is great for this show. Women just seemed to be desperate for a great night out. Menopause The Musical entertains with songs such as I Will Survive, but rewritten with comedy lyrics.

“And it doesn’t make light of the menopause, rather it shows you can tackle the raging hot sweats with humour and honesty. I certainly don’t mind anyone knowing I have to have fans in my dressing room, even when it’s cold.”

Rebecca echoes her co-stars and said: “This show won’t change your life or stop you taking your clothes off while watching telly. But it will guarantee you a great night out!”

Menopause The Musical comes to the Watford Colosseum at 8pm on Friday, March 17. Tickets cost £28.50 from www.watfordcolosseum.co.uk or the box office on 01923 571102.

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