Former Toraabs Karahi House owners 'excited' to open new burger joint in Hemel Hempstead

The restaurant will open on Monday, May 17

Tuesday, 11th May 2021, 11:26 am

The owners of a restaurant which was forced to close down during the Covid-19 pandemic are opening a new food business in Hemel Hempstead next week.

Amad and Jwad Hassan, who were behind Toraabs Karahi House, on Lawn Lane, are looking forward to welcoming customers to their new business, a unique burger joint.

Toraabs opened in September 2019 and was doing well up until lockdown, after having to close for several months and the market for sit-in restaurant less popular, the restaurant never got back on it's feet.

Brim opens on May 17

Brothers Amad and Jwad, who run many businesses within the food industry, decided to do something about this and converted the space to make it a unique burger joint called Brim, which is all about 'big juicy burgers.'

To celebrate the opening on Monday, May 17, they are giving 100 free burgers to the homeless at the DENS project in Hemel Hempstead.

Amad said: "Covid was so hard for this community, for me personally as well but I feel in whatever you do you can't quit and you have to find a way to make things work, coming up with new ideas and reinventing yourself.

"As sad it was to see Toraabs go, we are very excited about what Brim can offer to Hemel.

Brim opens on May 17

"The concept is new to the market which is 'smash burgers' where there is no frozen patties but fresh grass-fed beef that is in a ball and then smashed flat on a griddle for maximum flavour and taste."

On the day of opening Brim will have a DJ and samples for anyone in the neighbourhood who would like to try the food.

The restaurant will be open seven days a week, and will mainly be take away but there will be stools and a breakfast bar seating area as a sit-in option.