A slice of Wobbly Bottom? Delicious...

No.2 Pound Street

There are no cheese makers left in Bucks, apparently, so the superb new delicatessen in Wendover, No.2 Pound Street run by Nicola Grant, her husband James and their friend Neil Irvine, has to ‘import’ their nearest local cheese from Hertfordshire.

Ironically it uses the same goat’s milk used by the last cheese maker in Bucks and is now a silver medal award winner.

Carry on

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The milk in question comes from Wobbly Bottom Farm and is complemented on the deli counter by Hitchin Hard and, yes, I did feel for a moment that I was in a Carry On movie.

There are several simple ideas that inspire No.2 Pound Street and one is to promote the best in local and regional British products.

“We source as close to our shop as we can and then move outwards,” said Nicola, who feels that for too long we have been persuaded by Europe that our products are inferior.

Exciting times

They are delighted that the new wave of producers are using the best foreign techniques and traditional methods to produce high quality food in this country. No. 2 Pound Street has a high ratio of award winners on its shelves.

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“UK chefs are fantastic,” said James. “Making the best of local products in their own recipes, these are exciting times in Britain and we reflect that here.”

Not for nothing have they recently been commended in the National Deli of the Year Awards.

Strangers on a train

The idea for the deli came from a chance meeting on a train. After overhearing a food conversation of Neil’s, James introduced himself and they soon realised that by combining their skills they could create a great business.

The deli at No. 2 Pound Street may be the most visible face, but is just one aspect of a business that takes in all three interests.

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James still works at a restaurant in London but Nicola and Neil are now full time with the deli, wine and catering. James pops in at weekends and loves to help out.


The deli opened last August. It has been very hard work as they take a flexible approach that sees the shop open from 10am to 11pm so people can come in after work to enjoy the fine range of foods.

No. 2 Pound Street hosts regular events, including a sparkling wine master class on Saturday, July 23. For details go to www.2poundstreet.com or call 01296 585022.

Did you know?

The word deli comes from old German via French meaning ‘delicious things’ (to eat).

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