Dog buddy, dog walker or doggy day care?

It could be a big shock for your dog if you suddenly go back to working in the office.
Find Fido the perfect home for your holidays. Supplied imageFind Fido the perfect home for your holidays. Supplied image
Find Fido the perfect home for your holidays. Supplied image

Even if you previously worked out of the home most of the week, your pooch will have enjoyed your WFH life. When the day comes to return to your office, this will inevitably mean a hefty dose loneliness for your dog, even for pets previously used to their own company.

Sorting out separation anxiety

Start with very short absences … leave them in their crate or bed while you pop out to the garden, and ideally do this after they’ve been toileted and tired out from a fun training or play session.

You can leave them with a long-lasting, age-appropriate treat or training puzzle toy to keep them occupied

Gradually extend the periods of absence until they can cope with a couple of hours. This can include them being in another room while you work.

It’s unreasonable to expect any dog to be on their own for more than four hours at a time … not just for toileting, but for socialisation. And very young and very old dogs may not be able to cope much beyond two hours. An anxious dog may turn to barking, chewing and anti-social behaviours.

Jackie Mitchell, Puparazzi

Puparazzi Dog Photography captures special memoriesPuparazzi Dog Photography captures special memories
Puparazzi Dog Photography captures special memories

There are three types of care which can help pooch-parents return to work.

The dog buddy: This can be a relaxed arrangement with a friend or neighbour, or a more formalised business transaction with someone who wants the joy and company of a dog, but not the round-the-clock lifelong commitment. They either pop into yours a few times a day to look after Fido, or take them to their home for a couple of hours in the middle of the day.

The dog walker: These businesses are lifelines for people out of the home for lengthy periods. They will visit, feed, and walk your dog, often in a pack with others, which is perfect for socialisation and stimulation. You can book their services two or three times a day, or even just once a week, whatever works for you.

Doggy daycare: Just like wraparound nursery care for kids, doggy daycare centres operate on the hours that suit you, meaning you can pick-up and drop-off and still fit in a full working day, knowing your dog is being entertained, stimulated and tired out in a well-run, dedicated location. Some include in-house grooming sessions and pet shops, making it the one-stop-shop for all your doggy needs.

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