Motorists using M1 junctions for Milton Keynes, Bedford and Luton are HARDEST HIT IN UK by smart motorway fines

Smart motorways are catching more motoristsSmart motorways are catching more motorists
Smart motorways are catching more motorists
New figures show that more than £21 million worth of fines have been issued to drivers on smart motorways with those using the M1 junctions for Milton Keynes, Bedford and Luton Airport hit hardest in all of the UK.

Almost a million motorists are caught speeding in Britain each year as the number of speed cameras being deployed on UK roads surges.

And with more stretches of “smart motorway” opening up, the chances of motorists being caught are higher than ever.

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But now it has emerged that if you use the M1 for Milton Keynes, Bedford or Luton Airport you are more likely to be fined than anywhere else in the country.

Statistics showed that the biggest offenders were recorded on the M1 - Junction 10-13 - affecting routes to Luton Airport, Bedford and Milton Keynes.

The AA warned that limits on smart motorways were often cut to 50 or 60mph for no apparent reason - landing large numbers of unsuspecting motorists with £100 fixed fines.

And while many will have been fined £100 and handed three penalty points, new speeding laws introduced in April could mean some motorists are hit with a £2,500 penalty.

What are smart motorways?

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A smart motorway is a section of a motorway in Britain that uses technology to manage the flow of traffic during busy times.

Operators can vary the speed limit - with lit signs on overhead gantries - with the aim of reducing the frustrating stop-start driving conditions that often occur on normal roads.