Mitsubishi offers Outlander PHEV buyers 10,000 miles of free electric motoring

Mitsubishi has announced a deal for buyers of a new Outlander PHEV which will bag them 10,000 miles’ worth of free electricity.

The deal is part of a partnership with electricity supplier OVO Energy and is available to retail and business customers who order and register one of the plug-in hybrid SUVs before March 31.

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To qualify drivers also have to switch their domestic energy supply to OVO’s EV Everywhere bundle on a two-year contract.

The offer means that customers will get £20 a month credited to their OVO account for 24 months. According to Mitsubishi’s energy usage figures for the Outlander PHEV and OVO’s pricing for the most expensive region in the UK, that’s equivalent to 2,717kWh - enough to get the Outlander PHEV 10,000 miles.

The deal also gives customers a choice of home charging point or membership to a public charging network. They can opt for either free untethered, 7kW smart charger, worth £400 with a grant, or free BP Chargemaster Polar Plus Membership, worth £188 over two years.

The deal will see Outlander PHEV buyers refunded £20 a month on their electricity bill (Photo: Mitsubishi)

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Rob Lindley, managing director of Mitsubishi Motors in the UK said: “Driving a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV already brings significant environmental benefits but this offer goes the extra mile – or 10,000 miles, to be exact. Only by partnering with OVO Energy could we make such a bold offer and we hope it will successfully drive our shared ambitions of making transport in the UK more sustainable as quickly as possible.”

According to government figures, the average commuter covers 20 miles a day - well within the 28 mile all-electric range of the Outlander PHEV.

Mitsubishi also estimates that travelling 10,000 miles in EV mode represents a 1,610 tonne reduction in tailpipe CO2 emissions compared to driving a car that produces 100g/km of CO2.

The announcement comes at a difficult time for plug-in hybrids with the removal of the government grant and announcement that they are to be included in the accelerated ban on combustion engine vehicles.

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