Hertfordshire's High Sheriff sets challenge to visit all 46 libraries across the county to highlight 'joy of reading'

She also wants to raise awareness of the impact of low literacy
Liz with library mascot Herty.Liz with library mascot Herty.
Liz with library mascot Herty.

The High Sheriff of Hertfordshire, Liz Green, is set to visit all 46 libraries across Hertfordshire within three months.

As well as highlighting the joy of reading, she will raise funds for Hertfordshire Community Foundation (HCF), which supports small charities across the county.

The tour, themed ‘The joy of reading and the impact of low literacy’, will highlight literacy challenges faced by individuals in prisons, on probation and in our communities. Liz will also raise awareness of community activities libraries offer for people of all ages.

She also aims to explore the practical day to day challenges posed by low literacy skills such as applying for work, reading a bus timetable or instructions on a medicine bottle and combat the stigma associated with low literacy.

Liz also volunteers for Shannon Trust, an organisation dedicated to improving literacy skills and wellbeing for those in prison via a peer to peer, one-to-one teaching model. The charity, renowned for its exam-free approach, is extending its support to those on probation and individuals in communities in Hertfordshire.

Beyond the literacy focus, Liz aims to raise funds for the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire’s charitable fund, managed by HCF.

Liz is inviting individuals to join her on her tour, not only as she promotes literacy, but as she champions and supports HCF in their mission to make a meaningful impact on local communities across Hertfordshire.

For more information about Liz’s tour, please visit the High Sheriff of Hertfordshire website.