How to shed weight simply - diet myths exposed

It’s crunch time as many of us hungrily search for effective new diets and health initiatives to lose our winter weight gain.

But the best of health resolutions can be made difficult by the mass of confusing diet information that is out there.

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Among the experts who promote a simpler, common sense approach to getting the results you want, is nutritionistRob Hobson.

Rob debunks common food myths that can mislead people, and points out the solid and reliable health benefits of eating an apple a day.

This follows research that reveals snacking on an apple each day is particularly beneficial for weight loss.

Last year, over 23 million Brits relied on their new year resolutions to push them to improve their physical and mental health, and 2022 is set to be no different.

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However, many of us still struggle to understand which foods are most beneficial for health, with research unveiling that over a quarter of us decide whether something is good or bad to eat, only after searching through social media posts, many of which have no scientific basis.

Rob Hobson partnered with British Apples and Pears to debunk the most widely held food myths, and to help us adopt a healthier lifestyle by including nutritious apples into our diets, for minimal expense.

According to recent research, many of us believe old myths, such as that carrots can help us see in the dark due to their vitamin A content, helping to maintain healthy vision. There is no concrete evidence to support this.

And sadly, eating celery doesn’t burn more calories than you gain from eating it, despite 23 percent of people believing this to be the case.

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Surprisingly, many of those who were polled about nutrition wrongly believe that drinking fruit juice is just as healthy as eating whole fruit.

Luckily, the health benefits of apples are no myth. Research has shown that they have an abundance of nutrients, are low in calories and are extremely beneficial in shedding excess weight.

The Happy Apple Plan states that eating an apple before a meal can actively aid weight loss.

The apple helps to increase the overall fibre content of the meal, which means that you feel full forlonger, preventing mindless snacking between meals.

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Apples are also rich in polyphenol compounds that act as antioxidants, protecting the body from damage caused by excess free radicals.

A balance between free radicals and antioxidants is essential for regular physiological function.

If free radicals overwhelm the body’s ability to regulate them, this can cause oxidative stress, triggering a number of diseases as a result.

Both the skin and the flesh of apples have been shown to contain high amounts of the polyphenols, specifically flavonoid which is found in the skin.

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Apples are also great for our gut. Our diet has a significant impact on our gut microbiota and gut environment. Consuming an apple a day encourages the growth of more ‘friendly’ bacteria in the large bowel, essential for maintaining a healthy gut, so may well help to ‘keep the doctor away’.

Apples also contribute to more regular bowel movements because they are a good source of fibre, which is key to supporting healthy digestion.

Rob Hobson is keen to help counter the healthy eating myths that lead to confusion.

He said: “We’re constantly learning new information about the benefits of different foods for our health, and it can be hard to keep up with the latest advice.

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“However, simply incorporating a range of fruit and vegetables in our diets will make a significant difference to our overall health and wellbeing.”

Rob Hobson gets cooking with apples:

16/12/20Nutritionalist, Rob Hobson, in his London kitchen.All Rights Reserved: F Stop Press Ltd.+44 (0)7765 242650 www.fstoppress.com16/12/20Nutritionalist, Rob Hobson, in his London kitchen.All Rights Reserved: F Stop Press Ltd.+44 (0)7765 242650
16/12/20Nutritionalist, Rob Hobson, in his London kitchen.All Rights Reserved: F Stop Press Ltd.+44 (0)7765 242650

He added: “Apples in particular have several properties that increase feelings of fullness, being packed with fibre and containing up to 86 per cent water content.

“This will help to aid weight loss and curb hunger so you can achieve those New Year’s health targets”.

So as the nation scrambles to shed those extra Christmas pounds, healthy eating really doesn’t have to involve anything radical.

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Simply snacking on an apple a day is a small, delicious step we can all take to be healthier and change our diets for the better.

Apples can be enjoyed in a whole variety of ways, whether raw or cooked and used in dishes. Try adding them to hot and cold cereals, yogurt, and salads, or bake them on their own.....they are so versatile.

Meal habits to help with weight loss;

Fruit is nature’s low calorie, ready-made snack that is packed with vitamins, fibre, and other nutrients that support a healthy diet.

Eating fruit is linked to a lower body weight generally, with a lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and heart disease.