EVENING UPDATE: Coronavirus cases revised down in Dacorum as Public Health England changes way it records data

Public Health England has updated the way it records the location of people who have been tested for Covid-19

Tuesday, 17th November 2020, 9:42 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th November 2020, 12:02 pm

Monday's figures recorded no new cases of coronavirus in Dacorum, and the total number of figures was revised down by 91 cases.

The total for the borough is now 1,645, down from Sunday's figure of 1,736 according to the latest figures from Public Health England.

Public Health England has changed the way it records the location of people who have been tested for Covid-19 - counts of cases and deaths at sub-national level have been updated to reflect this.

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The address given at the point of testing will now be used to determine a person's area of residence, rather than that on their electronic NHS record, with the change retrospectively applied to tests carried out from September 1.

PHE said: "Due to reallocation of cases in this way, the number of cases reported by a local authority may be artificially high or low on November 16."

As a result of this, both Dacorum and Hertfordshire have seen case numbers reduce.

In Hertfordshire cases have been revised down by 403 from 14,885 to 14,482.

There has been no new recorded deaths in Dacorum, the total is 106. There have been two new deaths in Hertfordshire, the total is now 924, according to Public Health England.

Nationally, the number of coronavirus cases has risen by 21,363 to 1,390,681.

The number of deaths has risen by 213 to 52,147.

The death toll has been 'recalculated' by officials. The new count is based on a new definition of who has died from Covid-19.

Previously, people in England who died at any stage following a positive test, regardless of the cause of their death, were counted in the figures.

However, there is now a cut off point of 28 days from the first laboratory-confirmed positive COVID test.

The figures for the number of patients recovered from Covid-19 have not been released by Public Health England.

The new figures were recorded between 5pm on Saturday, November 14, and Sunday, November 15.

The figures come from the Government website which is available for the public to view here.