Official opening of Kings Langley Sixth Form and recognition of service of the chair of governors

Kings Langley Sixth Form is rapidly becoming the first-choice for post-16 education in West Hertfordshire with this year witnessing the Sixth Form’s highest number of applications on record and becoming over-subscribed in September 2024. The new Sixth Form facilities provide young people with the highest quality environment which supports a mature and inclusive culture. Providing young people with these facilities prepares them for their post-18 destinations, whether this is gaining prestigious places at world famous universities, leading universities, success with securing highly competitive apprenticeship places., or employment with recognised industry leaders.
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Principal Assistant Headteacher, James Tubb announced, that we gather within this remarkable and exciting new addition to Kings Langley School, not just to inaugurate a physical structure but to celebrate the embodiment of dreams, aspirations, and the relentless pursuit of providing young people with the highest standard of education, opportunities for the unknown futures that lay ahead of them. In addition to this, supporting young people to not only achieve their aspirations, but to cultivate young people who set their sights beyond these aspirations, achieving things that prepare them for the unknowns which lay before them. The Kings Langley Sixth Form is not merely a building; it is a symbol of academic excellence, personal growth, and the limitless potential that resides within each and every one of our students.

To the students who will experience the classrooms, laboratories, studios, and the mature, sophisticated social spaces, I want to remind you that this institution is not just about acquiring knowledge. It is a place where you will forge friendships, discover your passions, and shape the foundations of your future. Each lesson, each event, every opportunity that presents itself, every discussion, and all the challenges you encounter will be stepping stones toward the incredible journey that lies ahead. We have here this evening, members of our Student Leadership Team who have provided the student body with the representation that makes our Sixth Form stand out. They are tenacious, strong, and embody the values that we have as a Sixth Form community.

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The Kings Langley Sixth Form is a testament to our collective belief in the power of education to transform lives. It is a commitment to providing students with the tools, resources, and guidance necessary to excel in academic pursuits and beyond. This building is a tangible asset which represents so much more. Kings Langley Sixth Form is a place to belong, where it’s culture not only gives students the ability to express themselves as individuals but where they are celebrated.


Much like the landscape across the education sector, post-16 education is constantly changing. With the increased degree of choice for students and the increasing challenge of budgets, political influences, etc. our goal at Kings Langley Sixth Form is not necessarily to do something different but to provide our young people with the best, the highest-quality education and student experience that is quickly transforming us into a first-choice post-16 destination. Kings Langley Sixth Form is not just destined to mature to become a centre of excellence, we are a family who understands that what our young people need, who they are, and we recognise that this facility is one element of the wider development of our culture and sense of belonging that we promote. I am dedicated to ensuring that KLSix is a beacon of excellence and I know that my team and the wider school community are fully committed to ensuring that KLSix becomes Hertfordshire’s number one choice for young people looking to unlock their potential for life.

As well as officially opening the new Sixth Form building, David Fisher, Headteacher of Kings Langley School joined Gary Lewis, former Headteacher of Kings Langley School, to celebrate the twenty-four years of dedicated and relentless service Frances Stickley, Chair of Governors, has given to Kings Langley School. During these years of service, Frances has supported and guided the school through its impressive journey from an everyday comprehensive school to the over-subscribed, high-performing school with prestigious awards and impressive exam results. Both Mr Fisher and Mr Lewis gave an account of their experience of working with Frances who has been a robust and constant source of strength and reliability for the school. Frances was presented with a plaque to be placed in the new Sixth Form building in recognition of her service and contribution to the school. In her speech, Frances gave an emotional account of the various projects that she was either a part of or led on, whilst in her role of Chair of Governors.

The staff, students and parents of Kings Langley School, past and present, wish to thank her for her substantial impact on the growth of the school and Sixth Form.