Hemel Hempstead pre-school has made multiple improvements, say Ofsted inspectors

A pre-school has improved across the board, according to its latest inspection by Ofsted.

Tudor Pre-School, in Redwood Drive, was visited by inspectors last month (October 4) and was graded Good for 'quality of education, 'behaviour and attitudes', and 'personal development'.

Although the pre-school did receive an overall mark of Inadequate, the report explicitly said that this was a result of their not being told about a change of leadership, saying: "The committee has failed to notify Ofsted of recent changes to the nominated individual and manager.

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"This means that Ofsted has been unable to complete suitability checks to ensure children's safety and well-being are not compromised."

However the report did speak positively about the team they found in place, stating: "Recent changes to the management team have had a very positive impact.

"Managers have worked hard together to make significant improvements since the last inspection and some changes are in their early stages. Staff's knowledge and understanding of children's learning are good. The manager is continuing to embed systems to support this area.

"Arrangements for the supervision of staff are being introduced and have yet to be established in practice and therefore effective. A thorough self-evaluation has been undertaken and action plans formed to move forward further improvements."

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The report added: "Children are well behaved and try very hard to succeed at tasks. They thoroughly enjoy the wide range of activities provided and play with great enthusiasm.

"Staff provide children with interesting activities that extend and challenge their learning."

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