Find out why a help group for Hemel Hempstead landlords is expanding

Spaces - the new meeting venue for the Hemel Landlord and Property Network.Spaces - the new meeting venue for the Hemel Landlord and Property Network.
Spaces - the new meeting venue for the Hemel Landlord and Property Network. | JPIMedia
A special network set up to helping the growing number of landlords in Hemel Hempstead is expanding.

The Hemel Landlord & Property Network, which was created nine years ago, has moved its meeting venue from the Kitchen@Inspired in Hempstead Road, to Spaces in The Maylands Building.

Julie Ford, who runs the network, said: “We have moved due to the increase in the number of landlords looking for help to be compliant and legal with an ever changing minefield of legislation.”

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The growth in the number of landlords comes as demand for rented accommodation increases as more large firms move into Hemel Hempstead and because of the town’s proximity to London.

Julie Ford.Julie Ford.
Julie Ford. | JPIMedia

But the sector is faced with a rising number of rules covering its operations, with the number of regulations currently standing at 156.

Ms Ford said: “As the cost associated with letting a property is on the rise, more and more landlords are choosing to move away from using a traditional letting agent, instead opting to self manage their properties.

“But with the minefield of ever changing legislation, this can be a false economy, with many landlords failing to keep up to date with new laws and regulations and finding that they are unable to evict tenants or are subject to uncapped fines for failure to comply.”

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In addition to ensuring landlords are kept up to date about new rules and regulations, the network acts as a social support for landlords, who can often find themselves isolated.

Ms Ford said: “Property can be a very lonely business which is why the monthly meetings are as much about support as they are about education.

“Food is provided at each meeting to give a more relaxed feel and encourage people to talk and network with the founding members.

People can plough a lot of money into starting their property business and this can bring worry and problems. The mental health of landlords is very important and the peer-to-peer knowledge and experience provided at the meetings is key to ensuring anyone renting a property has a safe place to talk.”

The network’s next meeting is on March 10 at the Spaces, The Maylands Building, Hemel Hempstead.

Tickets for the events can be purchased at