Bank competition winners set to get £50,000

ARE you prepared for a shock? A bank is giving away £450,000 in a national business competition.

Barclays has launched its Take One Small Step competition to find nine regional businesses and give them £50,000 each.

The first £10,000 will be deposited into a Barclays Business Account. The rest will be invested in the wining company with the involvement of the bank’s business managers.

Jeremy Stockdale, of Barclays said: “The Take One Small Step competition changes lives. It celebrates people with ambition, passion and, most importantly, a great business idea, and gives them the cash to help turn their dream into a reality.

“The brief is broad – the idea could be a lifelong ambition or a recent brainwave. It could be a personal experience or just a dream. Even a revolutionary concept that changes the world. This competition is a great opportunity, and I would urge anyone with a great business idea to step forward.”

The competition is open to existing businesses as well as people who simply have a fantastic new idea and the drive to make it happen.

The final day for entry to the competition is April 27, with entry available online at

The judges will select three entries from each region and then it will be up to the public to vote for the winners.

Last year, the first year the competition was held, attracted 3,600 entrants, attracting more than 46,000 votes.

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