What is the future for Erasmus students after Brexit?

Erasums students question what will happen after BrexitErasums students question what will happen after Brexit
Erasums students question what will happen after Brexit
Q. I’m a French Erasmus student in Dundee (Scotland) for the semester.

I’m supposed to be here until the end of May. However, if the UK parliament can’t negotiate with the EU, what is going to happen? Will I have to leave?

A. The UK government is keen to reassure EU citizens and their family members living in the UK that they are welcome to stay even in a ‘no deal’ scenario.

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The message is clear: you are our friends, our neighbours, our colleagues, and we want you to stay.

EU citizens and their family members who are resident in the UK by March 29 will be able to stay and carry on with their lives in the same way they are now. They will be able to work, study, and access benefits and services in the UK on the same basis after we exit the EU as they do now.

So, regardless of a deal or no deal, you will be allowed to study in Scotland - or other parts of the UK - for the rest of the semester.

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With regards to Erasmus+ funding, the UK will remain in the programme until at least 2020 if a deal is agreed. EU funding for UK participants and projects will be unaffected.Even if the UK leaves without a deal, there is still hope. The UK government has said it will work with European Commission to try and secure our place in the programme, again until at least 2020.

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It doesn’t apply to you as a French student, but UK students will be happy to know that the government’s underwrite guarantee will cover payments for funding committed to UK organisations and UK beneficiaries if there is no deal and EU funding is stopped.

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