Extreme flamenco with Los Vivancos

Los VivancosLos Vivancos
Los Vivancos
Bookers from the major theatre chains will be in the best seats at the London Coliseum, on July 9, for a one-off performance of extreme flamenco that will send temperatures rocketing and, we hope, launch a group of seven brothers from Spain on a national tour of the UK.

These guys, with their model good looks and killer dance moves, are making their London stage debut but here’s hoping that they’ll later be appearing on a stage near you.

With rippling torsos and lightning fast footwork, Los Vivancos ooze passion and macho attitude from every pore.

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They have become one of Spain’s biggest global success stories, dancing up a storm and winning standing ovations from more than a million people.

Los Vivancos are premiering a good-versus-evil story set in the world of the paranormal and supernatural with the brothers playing angels, demons and vampires.

The choreography mixes fearless flamenco with ballet, martial arts, tap dance and a sprinkling of magic.

The talented brothers have composed the music in the show, a fusion of flamenco, rock and classical sounds, and play instruments on stage.

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They will be joined by seven female musicians - the Maszka Band, from Budapest. With costumes ranging from traditional to contemporary and lots of bare flesh on show, Los Vivancos is a spectacular, unforgettable production.

As young boys growing up around the world, Aaron, Cristo, Elias, Israel, Josué, Josua and Judah Vivancos learned to play instruments and created exciting acrobatic routines to show off their talents in special performances for their family.

After a spell apart, honing their skills, they reunited in Spain in 2006 and formed Los Vivancos.

Today the group has grown into an award-winning act that has seen the band of brothers perform in 73 cities in 34 countries.

For tickets call the box office 020 7845 9300 or visit the website www.eno.org

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