Casualty star Richard will have a case of Saturday Night Fever in Aylesbury

Saturday Night FeverSaturday Night Fever
Saturday Night Fever
One might take a look at Saturday Night Fever and think it is just musical joy.

But it is a darker interpretation of the story and production that drew Casualty star Richard Winsor to step into John Travolta’s shoes as it is at Aylesbury’s Waterside Theatre this week.

Talking about the role of Tony Monero, Richard said: “He’s a working class Italian American frpm Brooklyn. He has this idea, one that can change his lifestyle and the world which is disco and he struggles to break out of that.

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“One of the things that most appealed about playing the part is that we are taking a darker edge to the production, going very much back to the original. As he is from this quite difficult working class background, we are placing a lot more on that side which is much more dramatic and very appealing for me as an actor.”

Kate Parr and Richard WinsorKate Parr and Richard Winsor
Kate Parr and Richard Winsor

For a man who worked with choreographer Matthew Bourne prior to appearing in Casualty, you would think the dances move would come naturally.

Richard said: “Actually it is a completely different style of dance so while it helped a small amount, it really was going back to the beginning.

“I did watch the film again before playing the part but I wanted to take the essence and then do my research on what it was like to be a working class man of that time together with the production should present, I think, a fresh take on the character.”

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He was also grateful for the time working on Casualty despite his character dying at the end.

Richard said: “It was a wonderful learning experience doing the three-and-a-half years on Casualty. You learn so much about the technique and gives you a different kind of adrenalin. I ended up learning the medical jargon like I would ballet because the choreography associated with resuscitating or carrying out surgery to be similar to the moves you get in ballet.

“I was pleased to be getting the dramatic exit. It’s a bag of tricks the producers can only use every three years or so to keep it surprising. So for my character to be chosen was a real honour.”

Saturday Night Fever can be seen until Saturday October 13. For tickets call the box office on 0844 871 7607 or visit

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