Game for a laugh? Get up, stand up!

COMEDY kings and queens like Michael McIntyre and Sarah Millican, both of whom have hit the big time in recent years, make it look so easy.

And John Bishop is one of the biggest names on the circuit – after turning his back on successful career in sales.

So there’s no reason why anyone shouldn’t jack in the day job and step into the spotlight as a stand-up comedian. Honestly, how hard can it be?

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Well, you can find out for yourself soon, thanks to the team at the Tringe comedy festival.

They’re offering all-comers the chance to take part in a top-notch comedian’s course guaranteed to knock those jokes of yours into shape.

For the third year running, and as part of the 2012 festival, Get Stuffed is offering the budding comics of Dacorum a chance to sharpen up their skills with the brilliant Logan Murray for eight weeks, before performing in front of a live audience at a Roving Comedy Night in July.

A legend in comedy circles, Logan has coached plenty of the greats – including current star attractions Rhod Gilbert, Andi Osho and Greg Davies.

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He will pass on his unique skills to a very lucky group of would-be comics in a course which will cover many aspects of comedy craft including delivery, performance, and selection and writing of material.

During the sessions the students will also develop a five minute set to perform at the Roving Comedy Night.

Logan, who is also well-known by his character alter ego – showbiz hack Ronnie Rigsby – was seriously impressed with the 2011 trainees.

He said: “Last year we introduced a bunch of comedy newbies to the world of stand-up and eight weeks later they were achieving laughs four or five times a minute – a professional gag per minute ratio – in front of total strangers. If people can do that, what can’t they do?”

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Ben Moorhouse, the Tringe founder and organiser, urged anyone who’s ever considered doing stand-up to give the course a go.

He said: “The chance of getting tuition from Logan and the opportunity to then gig in front of such friendly audiences on July 1 is every would-be comedian’s dream.”

And just in case you’re wondering who your fellow participants might be, Gazette editor John Francis has already agreed to pick up the gauntlet.

He said this week: “By then I’ll have finished my current Biggest Loser challenge for the Hospice Of St Francis and I was looking for way of humiliating myself in public which sweating off pounds in perspiration. I’m a huge stand-up fan and, like anyone who has ever marvelled at the ability of a top operator to command a crowd, I’ve wondered whether I could do it.

“I’m looking forward to finding out, one way or the other!”

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The comedy training sessions will run on Thursday evenings from 7pm to 10pm from May 10 to June 28 at a Tring-based venue to be confirmed.

The cost of the eight week course is £80 and organisers are looking for between 12 and 20 applicants.

For further information and to apply please email [email protected].

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