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Lower Than Atlantis are up there with the best of them battering their sound into the side of your head like a punk thrash metal ram.

About the band: Hailing from Hemel Hempstead and Watford, this hardcore punk outfit signed to Small Town Records at Easter for the release of their EP, Bretton. And just before that, in February, they were voted Radio One Rock Show's unsigned band of the week. It's onwards and upwards for the lads, who on April 6, will do their first support gig on the Yashin UK tour.

Gigs: The Railway Club, Watford, Saturday, April 6.

Band members: Luke on vocals, Michael on guitar, Benjamin on guitar, Stephen on bass and Matthew on the drums.

Influences: They list none, but do note they are endorsed by sound equipment manufactures, Peavey and Orange.

Catchline: Rock, Ruck ****

Attitude: Lots of it. Don't look at this site if you are easily offended.

Songs: Frankie Goes To Hemel, Sleeping In The Bath and Penny For The Guy.

Total plays: 384,497

Most popular song: Sleeping In The Bath

Releases: This year they released their EP, Bretton.

Friends: 19,773

Pictures: Live gig photographs and promotional pictures.


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