Canalside art on show in unique locations

Artists on the Canal
Artists on the Canal

An art exhibition with a difference will see contemporary artists displaying their work on cruising galleries from their boats on the canal.

Visitors can enjoy seeing the original works of art in pop-up galleries visiting our area for several weeks. The Artists on the Canal Tour 2015 arrives at Doltons Wharf in Berkhamsted today and will stay until Saturday (June 6) before moving to Apsley Marina in Hemel Hempstead for three weeks.

The canals of the British Inland Waterways system have undergone a renaissance in recent years. From vibrant commercial arteries, going on to power the industrial revolution through the 18th and 19th centuries , they fell into decline with the onset of the railways. By the latter half of the 20th century many were neglected shadows of their once proud history and influence.

Then the system underwent a re-brith, with people enjoying the canals largely as a leisure facility for boating, walking, angling and cycling.

And now there are an increasing number of people choosing to live and work on boats on the canal, finding the environment offers a relaxed and slower pace of life.

Amongst this group is a growing number of canal based artists producing works from taditional roses and castles, purely canal-based paintings, drawings and and photography to contemporary artists taking their inspiration from the unique environment and lifestyle that the canal system provides.

In 2014 artists Berth Neutze and Magda cruised the canals on their narrowboat Wanderlust and popped up their mobile art gallery at many places between London and Birmingahm. With this, the idea of a tour was born.

Painter Lesley Pearson from narrowboat Hekla said: “We met at a floating market and soon it appeared it would be an excellent project to involve other like minded canal based artists to form a troupe of Roving Art Galleries to bring contempoary art to a wider audience.

Sculptor Berth said: “One objective was to show art in a space that usually is not acknowledged or approved for this kind of display. We want to expand the concept of presentation and emphasise the event character.”

The tour will be at Apsley Marina Saturday June 9 - Sunday 28, and in the cellar club of the Old Town Hall on the same days from 10.30am - 5.30pm. No entry fee.