Brief life of talented musician told in play at The Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead

I Loved You and I Loved You. Photograph by Danilo Moroni
I Loved You and I Loved You. Photograph by Danilo Moroni

The life of a vibrant young composer, who died at the age of just 26, is told in a richly romantic dance piece.

I Loved You and I Loved You depicts the tempestuous life of Morfydd Owen, one of Wales’ most distinguished classical composers.

Put together by award winning choreographer Sally Marie, the dance follows Owen’s story from humble beginnings in the Welsh valleys where she was born in 1891 to meteoric rise as a composer while touching upon the turbulent relationships that marked much of her early 20s.

Considered one of Wales’ most talented musicians and composers, she is little known outside the country and there are relatively few recordings of her work.

The dance comes to The Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead at 8pm tomorrow (Friday) and is suitable for age 16+

Owen’s talent was obvious from an early age and her first hymns were published whilst she was still a teenager. In her few short years she won more awards than anyone in the entire history of the Royal Academy of Music.

She was beautiful too, garnering 21 marriage proposals by the age of 21.

Ms Marie said: “It’s a totally fascinating story, and a true one. And due to our extensive research we have uncovered new truths not in any other biography in print. We’ve even discovered a new, previously undiscovered piece of her music.

“Morfydd is a true unsung Welsh heroine. And it’s 
almost 100 years since she died in the most mysterious circumstances.”

Patrons are advised to note that the performance contains male nudity.

Tickets cost £12, concessions £10, Dacorum Card £9, Upstaged £5. Call the box office on 01442 228091 between noon and 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.