Animals are getting into Christmas spirit

It’s not just children who have been enjoying revealing a delicious advent calendar treat each day in the run up to Christmas.

At Whipsnade Zoo the animals have been getting in on the act, thanks to creative thinking from zookeepers.

Festive fun at Whipsnade Zoo

Festive fun at Whipsnade Zoo

Keepers have used tiny Christmas buckets to make calendars of various shapes and sizes, containing advent treats such as nuts for Harry and Sydney the blue and gold macaws, crickets for the meerkats and fish for the penguins.

The festive goodies are more than just a seasonal tradition, they form part of the Zoo’s enrichment programme, which stimulates the creatures’ natural behaviours as they forage for food.

Visitors can see the penguins, meerkats and parrots along with all the other animals throughout the Christmas holidays, including Boxing Day.

Festive food and drink is served at the zoo’s cafes and Elf Workshops are running regularly to help visitors prepare enrichment activities and treats for the animals.