Sparkling Sapphire girls are the cream of the county

Sapphire gymnasts had an excellent day at the Hertfordshire Championships which were held in Stevenage.

Thursday, 2nd October 2014, 11:40 am
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At Level Five, Phoebe Boyton was joint-third in the age 8 category and Tara Sadleir was second in the 9/10 group.

In the Level Four, 10/11 group, Sasha Cherry was second, with Camille Whire second in the 12/13 section.

These two gymnasts, along with Mollie Jefferies in fourth place, qualify for the Regional Finals next month.

At Level Three, Ondine Achampong was first in the 10-year-old category, with Jessie Boad taking second and Tilly Hedges third in the 11/12 group.

Charlotte Mitchell was second in the 13+ age group, with Peri Clayton taking fourth. Jessie, Tilly, Charlotte and Peri have all earned a place in the Regional Finals.

Level Two, meanwhile, saw every Sapphire gymnast win a medal. Hallie Copperwheat was first, Gypsy Squires second and Lauren Matthews third in the 11-year-olds’ section.

Nemiah Munir was second in the 12/13 age group, while Kirsten Evans took first, Emma Hurley was second and Ellie Boad bagged third in the 14+ category.

FIG is the most elite level at the championships and, in the Espoir age, Megan Splain finished first and Alyieana Rahim was second.

Sapphire spokesman Sally Echlin said: “Congratulations should go to all participating gymnasts and, of course, their coaches.”