Triple county success for Rush Judo fighters

Rush Judo's Matthew Morley and Ethan Shaw.
Rush Judo's Matthew Morley and Ethan Shaw.

The Berkhamsted-based Rush Judo club had a successful weekend with 23 judoka competing in three competitions.

Five of their elite squad headed to Glasgow with coach Pete Brent for the Scottish Open, returning with three medals.

Rush Judo's Jacob and Ronnie Berry.

Rush Judo's Jacob and Ronnie Berry.

Silver: Leah Hasler.

Bronze : Gergo Berendi and Hannah Niven.

Emily Niven was unlucky to miss out on a bronze in a hard-fought fight in a large competition group.

Charlie Bennett showed his toughness to compete despite injuring his back in the warm-up.

Meanwhile, fellow coach Laurie Rush was in Cardiff, Wales, with Rush’s intermediate crew who earned a fantastic haul of 15 medals.

Gold: Ronnie Berry, Jessica Rush, Nicole Wood and Jacob Berry

Silver: Imaan Shah, Jordon Hayes, Matthew Morley, Keiran Docherty, Jemima Cadge and Darcy OConnell.

Bronze: Alec Holian, Ethan Shaw, Travis Hayes, Jim Collins and Bethany Wood.

Finally, Rush’s Michael Fryer travelled with the England squad to compete in the Danish Open and returned with a well-earned bronze medal.