Karate guru passes on his know-how at Hemel Hempstead bonanza

Seishinkai Shotokan Karate International held a two-day course at Hemel Hempstead School with one of the world’s top instructors, Sensei Dave Hazard 7th Dan.

Saturday, 1st November 2014, 9:00 am
SSKI instructors Malcolm Phipps and Dave Hazard passed on their wisdom at a seminar in Hemel Hempstead

The course was packed with more than 50 black-belts from all over the country, plus a large number of brown-belts, as all parts of karate were covered from kihon and kata to kumite and self-defence.

In December, SSKI will be holding another one-day seminar with Sensei Hazard and Sensei Aidan Trimble 7th Dan, who was the first person to break the Japanese stronghold in competition karate, winning the world kumite title in Tokyo in 1983.

Any adult black or brown-belt interested in training on this course, or training with SSKI in Dacorum, please call chief instructor Malcolm Phipps 8th Dan on 01442 266048 or visit www.sski.org