These wine delivery websites will drop bottles off at your door

In these difficult and uncertain times, with many people stuck at home, a glass of wine may be a welcome simple pleasure.

While supplies on supermarket shelves are disappearing fast, you may feel the urge to stockpile on pinot grigio, but you needn’t worry - there are a number of online wine delivery shops stepping up to solve any shortage emergencies.

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So, if you want to stock up on a few bottles of Merlot, here are a few places to start.

Winebuyers offer members (joining is free) unlimited access to over 50,000 fine wines from the very best vineyards and wine merchants, and promise they don't charge commission or mark up fees. Buy wine by bottle or crate, and mix between wine and spirits, with the option to add gifts as well.

The Wine Society

A lifetime membership to The Wine Society costs £40, with £20 taken off your first order, and then wines start from £5.95 per bottle. You also receive free delivery on every 12 bottles you buy at once, and can get advice on their most popular bottles, as well as newest additions.

Naked Wines

Naked Wines curates crates of 12 wines for its customers, depending on your tastes - you can get all white and rose, or an all red option, for example. The company also gives insight into the new wines that have dropped at the warehouse, as well as investors favourites, to give you an idea of what to pick next.

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Virgin Wines

If you know what you're after, you can choose your own Virgin Wines deliveries as and when it suits you, from a huge selection of wines. Or, join the Discovery Wine Club, where you’ll receive a box of 12 delivered to your door every three months.

Honest Grapes

Thanks to its wine selection tools, wine quiz and food matching suggestions, it's not just the free delivery on orders over £75 that sets Honest Grapes apart. Membership is also available, which gives access to wine gurus over the phone or through message, to advise on your choices.


Majestic's Wine Concierge subscription service offers various different packages, depending on what you're interested in. The quarterly cases range from £124.88 (though an introductory offer knocks 36 per cent off), and you can get your hands on everything from a premium case of white wines to a double up of red.

Wanderlust Wine

Wanderlust offers unique, quality wines specific to each season, with three different membership options - Silver, Gold or Platinum. Customers receive between six and 12 bottles every quarter (choosing between weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual payments), with one club perk including between 10 and 15 per cent off additional wine bought from the online shop.