'Big clue': Adrian Dunbar reveals fans know what happened to Kate Fleming in tense Line of Duty episode

Adrian Dunbar has revealed that true Line of Duty fans already know what happened to Kate Fleming in episode five of the hit BBC One drama.

After last night’s tense episode, the Northern Irish actor, who plays Ted Hastings in the show, appeared on Good Morning Britain to chat it over with hosts Susanna Reid and Adil Ray

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The episode concluded with Kate and PC Ryan Pilkington pointing their firearms at one another, before the screen cut to black and two gunshots were heard.

The abrupt cliffhanger left fans wondering if the fan-favourite DI will survive.

During his Monday morning interview, Dunbar was placed in the hot seat, with Reid asking: “So we don’t know yet what happens to Kate?”

He coyly replied: “I know. And a lot of Line of Duty fans know.”

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The response was met with surprise from Ray, who asked: “What, they’ve worked it out do you mean?”

Dunbar then repeated while nodding his head: “A lot of Line of Duty fans know what’s going on.”

Reid was quick to realise that the actor was giving the hosts a “really heavy piece of information”.

‘Very big clue’

Dunbar went on to say that there had already been a “very big clue” as to Kate’s fate in the episode and that he was giving viewers a “massive scoop”.

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The teaser immediately sent fans wild on social media, with some Twitter comments calling the revelation a “bombshell”.

Many viewers are speculating that Kate will survive the stand-off with Ryan since she is such a major character in the popular show, which has been running since 2012.

But others have theorised that this could be a double-bluff from writer Jed Mercurio.

And some eagle-eyed fans pointed to an old trailer for series six, which they believe reveals whether Kate makes it out of the situation alive.