YouTube hero Dan TDM disappoints hundreds of young fans after ‘ticket shambles’

Hundreds of children have been left in floods of tears after tickets to see their YouTube idol were handed out hours too early.

Friday, 30th October 2015, 11:11 am
Queue at The Entertainer, Marlowes Centre on Friday morning.

Excited youngsters and their parents queued outside The Entertainer in The Marlowes Shopping Centre from 2am this morning to collect free tickets to see online YouTube star Daniel Middleton, 23, – better known as Dan TDM – who uploads videos of computer game Minecraft.

But despite the toy shop’s website stating tickets would be available from 9am today, angry parents discovered all of the 100 allocated tickets had been handed out by 6.30am.

Dad Octavio Luna brought his 10-year-old daughter Jasmine from Milton Keynes to meet her idol, but the pair were not able to get tickets.

Hundreds of disappointed parents directly Tweeted Dan TDM

Mr Luna said: “I took a day off work so I could bring her here, I did the best I could as a dad.

“No one from the shop is talking to us – they’ve just closed the doors.

“You can’t do this to young children, it’s not fair.

“You try calling the customer service desk but you get nothing.”

Mum-of-two Jennifer Grover, 29, says her partner Ben and their two sons Ollie, eight, and six-year-old Shaun left their home in Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead, at 7.10am – thinking that would be plenty of time.

But when they arrived, the two boys were heartbroken to find all the tickets had gone.

Jennifer said: “My husband took a day off work to take our sons, because they’re such massive fans.

“But the boys can’t understand why they haven’t got a ticket, because they were at the front of the queue.

“But when they opened the doors, the said all the tickets had gone.”

“Ben says he’s been talking to a lady who stayed in a hotel overnight with her son, and she didn’t get a ticket either.

“I’m fuming right now. You just want to do the best for your kids.”

Parents had been advised that tickets would be available from 9am today, and accompanying adults also needed a ticket.

Jennifer said: “I don’t understand why they’ve done that. My husband isn’t bothered, he doesn’t want to see him, so his ticket is taking one away from another child. It’s stupid.”

Some travelled from Kent, Birmingham and Manchester with their children to catch a glimpse of the online sensation, who has more than 8.3million subscribers to his channel.

On Twitter, Dan was responding to angry parents, saying: “Meeting 400 fans will take way longer than the 2 hours allotted. I can’t help that tickets have ran out. Have some respect!”

Hemel Today has approached The Entertainer for a comment.