You ain't nothing but a hound-about dog

A mystery public art project baffled motorists when dog sculptures appeared on roundabouts in Hemel Hempstead during the Easter weekend.

The mysterious mutts, including one dressed as a superhero and even a bride and groom, appeared overnight across the town.

HemelToday was flooded with enquiries from curious readers trying to find out where the 'artwork' had come from.

It turns out the dogs are the result of the HoundAbout Project - an anonymous group who planted their home-made models on roundabouts for public display.

Their website says they were inspired by a phenomenon in Sweden that began after a permanent dog sculpture was stolen and replaced with a mystery home-made mutt.

The 'roundabout dogs' trend spread throughout the country and the HoundAbout team are hoping Hemel Hempstead could kick start something similar in the UK.

Half of their creations, however, were removed within 30 hours of being scattered across the town.

A message on their website reads: "We can only hope people liked them so much that they took them home and they now have a better life.

"We would like to encourage people to return them, they were meant for public display."

The mystery 'artists' also appeal for other people to make their own hound and place it on a roundabout.

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Louise Douris, Hemel Hempstead

I think these masterpieces were fantastic and was sad to see them dissapearing from the roundabouts. There are lots of countries that have much larger pieces on their roundabouts and I always thought we should do something similar. These aren't quite on the same size scale but are just wonderful! I was convinced it was part of a cleaver advertising campaign but couldn't work out who for. Thank you to the artists that produced and displayed them!


I thought the roundabout hounds were fantastic! my daughter loved them and we drove around the town looking for more but only managed to see two - one on the roundabout nearest to Texaco garage, Woodhall farm and one on the roundabout nearest the Bury. Its a shame that they were taken down, it certainly caused a discussion on Facebook! I would love to see them back. Lets hope it wasnt the 'killjoy council' that took them!