Vox Pop: What was your first car, and what would your dream drive be?


Reporter Victoria Bull asked those in the Marlowes Shopping Centre about their driving dreams and memories.

Carl Hurley, Old Town: ‘My first car was an old banged up Fiesta. There’s quite a few I would like, but I think my ideal car would probably be a classic BMW from the 1960s or a vintage Alfa Romeo.’
Mark Kirby, works in Hemel Hempstead Market: ‘My first car was a Ford Cortina . It used to start when it wanted and cut out when it wanted – absolute nightmare. I’d definitely have an Aston Martin DB7.’
James Wylie, Chaulden: ‘I was very happy with my first car, it was fast and I was young. Cars are not a big thing for me – but a Jaguar would probably be my ideal.’
Leslie Brand, Grovehill: ‘I am sort of into cars – the first car I ever drove was an Astra. If money was no object, the supercar I would choose would be a Bugatti.’
Neil Cox, Kings Langley: ‘My first car was a little blue Mini. I was really proud of it, it must have been about 1984. I used to put £10 in every week on payday, and it would go everywhere. It was a great car.’