Tring wedding blues as bollards won’t move

Martin Ramirez and the bollards he wants taken down for his daughter's wedding in Tring.

A father-of-the-bride is fighting for his daughter’s rights to get the grand entrance and wedding pictures she wants for her big day.

Emily Ramirez, 27, is due to get married at St Peter and St Paul Tring Church on September 30 but the council are refusing to take down the bollards in Church Square.

Martin Ramirez and the bollards he wants taken down for his daughter's wedding in Tring.

Emily’s father, Martin, approached Tring Town Council to take them down so that Emily’s horse and carriage can lead her to the church, to take the picturesque wedding photos she has dreamed of.

He said: “The background of the church and the carriage would just look so nice on Emily’s wedding day.

“Now, she would have to walk along the path to get to the church in her big dress.

“They allow the bollards to be dropped all the time. We just need it to be dropped for a few minutes, it would be no trouble at all.

Martin went to see ask the town council for permission to take the bollards down on Tuesday morning.

He said: “The town clerk told me that they will not lower the bollards to allow the horse and carriage to get onto the square.

“I told them they allow the bollards to be lowered for the farmer’s market, why won’t they let my daughter have her horse and carriage to do the same.

“He refused to give his permission and wouldn’t even tell me why.

“When I told Emily the news she broke down in tears.”

Michael Curry, Tring Town Council clerk, said: “There is no access from Church Square to the church. People use the side road to get to the main entrance.

“The only access to Church Square is for organisations who have hired the square or the markets to allow them to use it.

“The council have a policy that vehicles are not allowed onto Church Square. Church property is separate.”

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