We’re the top roundabout? That’s Magic!

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HEMEL Hempstead’s Magic Roundabout has been garlanded as a gyratory great in a national contest.

The roundabout received both bouquets and brickbats as nominations flooded in for a competition to find Britain’s Best Roundabout.

The notorious traffic junction attracted comments such as: “Some people say the layout is confusing and that they seem to be going around in circles but I think this fun layout gives it unique charm.”

Organisers of Roundabout Idol 2011, car leasing service CentralContracts.com, were surprised by number of negative comments roundabouts around the UK received.

A spokesman said: “Hemel’s roundabout is certainly a one off and if you love roundabouts there are six different ones you can enjoy in a very small area. It’s the most unique in the UK and whilst there was strong competition from some beautiful and historic islands we believe it fully deserves the gong.”

Aberdeen’s Haudagain roundabout took the title of worst in Britain.