Top tips for Recycle Week in Dacorum

Shorter showers, separate bins, and checking packaging are just some of the tips Dacorum Borough Council are giving out to encourage recycling for Recycle Week.

Monday, 25th September 2017, 1:00 pm
Updated Monday, 25th September 2017, 1:04 pm
Recycle Week

The council are teaming up with Recycle Now from September 25 to October 1 to help residents feel confident about recycling.

Recycling bathroom items is on the agenda as in the UK 90 per cent of packaging is recycled in our kitchens but only 52 per cent in the bathroom.

Items that can be recycled include:

- Aerosol sprays, e.g. deodorants, hairspray and shaving foam
- Perfume and aftershave bottles
- Shower gel, shampoo and conditioner bottles
- Moisturiser bottles (not tubes)
- Toilet roll tubes
- Cardboard boxes
- Soap dispensers
- Cleaning products, e.g. bleach bottles and air fresheners

Recycling saves energy and resources from needing to make items from raw materials.

The council suggest that if everyone in Dacorum recycled just one more deodorant spray, it would save enough energy to power a typical primary school for 7 weeks.

Top tips include keeping separate recycling bins around the house, rinsing containers before throwing them away, and making sure non-recyclyable items such as tissues and wipes go in the regular waste bin.