Tick all the boxes to keep your dog safe

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Blood-sucking ticks are being challenged by a new coalition of Dacorum vets, university boffins, and TV presenter Chris Packham.

Ticks have started feeding 
earlier in the year and for 
longer, putting both dogs and their owners at risk. Tick bites can transmit serious 
infections such as Lyme 
disease - a serious and 
debilitating illness that can cause long-term health 
problems in dogs and people.

But the Big Tick Project is encouraging owners to take their pets to participating practices, including 
Springwell Vet Surgery, Hope Vets and Clarke and Marshall Vet Surgeons for a tick check and advice.

Any ticks found on dogs will be collected and sent to Bristol University laboratories to help advance the 
knowledge of tick-borne 
disease, benefiting both 
veterinary and human 

Chris Packham, who is the public face of the campaign, said: “Research highlighted by Bristol University suggests that ticks are a growing 
problem, especially in areas such as urban parkland, woodland or open country.

“While I find both ticks and fleas interesting creatures, I don’t want them on my dogs, in my house, or on me.”

To find out more about the Big Tick Project or to take part visit www.bigtickproject.co.uk