The people’s pictures to showcase Dacorum

Image by @marcus_powell for Enjoy Dacorum launch
Image by @marcus_powell for Enjoy Dacorum launch

Residents across Dacorum are being asked to help showcase the borough through photographs.

Dacorum Look No Further (DLNF) has launched #Dacorum365 campaign, aiming to share the great experiences of the borough through the eyes of local people, businesses and visitors.

Sue Lea, tourism and marketing officer for Enjoy Dacorum, said: “Showcasing Dacorum through the eyes of local people will help us connect our borough with potential visitors who are thinking about their next day out. We want to show the world our great attractions, historical buildings, markets and hidden gems through unique images.”

The new Instagram account was launched on Monday, September 7 with an image from a local Instagram user (@marcus.powell), who captured the magnificent Gadebridge Park’s Walled Garden in Hemel Hempstead.

Instagram reports more than 14 million active users in the UK alone since its launch in 2010 and more than 70 million photos are shared on a daily basis.

Chris Taylor, group manager for strategic planning and regeneration supports the new DLNF campaign, and said: “We ask everyone to interact with us by following our new Instagram account and also encourage them to capture and share their favourite photos of the borough and the large scale regeneration works.”

When sharing photographs and images, Instagram users are asked to use the hashtag #Dacorum365 and #EnjoyDacorum.

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Enjoy Dacorum is promoting tourism as part of Dacorum Look No Further.


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