The Enid set to rock Tring

The Enid
The Enid

After selling out their tour last year, rock band The Enid are extending The Bridge into 2015.

And that will see them come to Tring when they appear at the Court Theatre a on Saturday January 24.

Lead vocalist Joe Payne is looking forward to performing in his hometown after only recently getting into rock music.

“I grew up in the theatre, and hadn’t had much of a rock background before meeting The Enid. So I was determined to re-explore my roots and put on a really extravagant show. We’ve made big developments since I joined.”

The rock band was formed in 1973 by Robert John Godfrey, since then there have been more than 30 different members, with Godfrey being the only original member still in the band.

The Enid is best remembered for pioneering Symphonic Rock albums, In the Region of the Summer Stars, Aerie Faerie Nonsense and Something Wicked This Way Comes.

The Bridge Show, touring until the end of March, is promised to have context to their symphonic rock show.

The Enid are set to have a busy year with the release of two albums, The Bridge and The Dust, as well as plans to perform on the 2015 festival circuit.

Payne continued: “It’s an exciting time.

“There seems to be a lot of buzz about the band at the moment. We’ll be taking the show all around the UK first. Then there’s the Giants of Rock Festival.

“We’ll be busy in Europe after that, and have some other invitations outside Europe to be confirmed.

“We like to stay busy!”

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