Take up the fun ‘Beat the Street’ challenge

Hemel residents are being invited to take part in a fun challenge called Beat the Street, part of a bigger Race for Space event that’s already proved a huge success in New York, London and Reading.

It’s aimed at encouraging communities to adopt more healthy life styles while raising money for charity, themselves and their teams.

Beat the Street is a free six-week real-life walking and cycling game where players can collect points for the number of miles they travel using a special card system. It’s open to everyone, with a share of the £10,000 prize pot for the team that travels the furthest.

The ultimate aim is to clock up enough miles collectively to get to space. If Hertfordshire’s teams – Hemel, Watford, Stevenage and Broxbourne – travel more than 500,000 miles, a £1,000 donation will be made to charity.

The card works by tapping it against special senors called beat boxes which will be placed on lamp posts. The boxes flash and beep to recognise a card and record travel details.

Hertfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for public health and localism, Teresa Heritage, said: “This initiative is a fantastic, fun way to help our residents be more active.”

Physical activity has a positive effect on long term health conditions including COPD, diabetes and some cancers.

Community groups and individuals interested in taking part can email team.herts@beatthestreet.me