Still missing: Have you seen beloved dog Jack in popular walking spot?

A widower is appealing for help from fellow dog-owners to trace a beloved pet who went missing in the Ashridge Estate.

Friday, 27th March 2015, 12:55 pm
Jack is microchipped and was wearing a red collar at the time he went missing

Rod Chinn was walking his Parson Jack Russell near the Monument last Wednesday, when something spooked the animal, causing him to run through the undergrowth and not come back.

Mr Chinn, aged in his 80s, has had pet Jack for around six months, following the death of his previous dog, and has taken him on many similar walks before.

Though last week’s visit was the first time the pair had walked in Ashridge together, Rod says it is unlike eight-year-old Jack to have run off.

He said: “He’s been very good with me. He’s got a dog basket but he sleeps on the bed with me – thankfully I have a king-size bed. He can jump up to the windowsill and on to the kitchen units, and at home he will run out to see neighbours and will always come back again.

“I am very worried for him. It was the first time we had been up to the Monument and he was enjoying himself, rooting around in the undergrowth, when all of a sudden he stood still and ran off at a rate of knots into the depths of the forest.”

Mr Chinn searched for Jack to no avail, but there have since been sightings of the tan-coloured pooch near the cafe alongside the Monument.

Mr Chinn said: “There may be somebody who knows something about it and could help me find him.”

Jack is microchipped and was wearing a red collar.

Can you help reunite Mr Chinn and his beloved Jack? Call 01296 619774 or email [email protected] if so.