Statue will honour photo firm's place in town history

A SCULPTURE planned to grace the new Dandara development at the former Kodak building in Hemel Hempstead will recall Kodak's global association with the film industry.

A planning application is now on deposit with Dacorum Borough Council for the proposed work of art and can be seen and commented upon by the public both at the Civic Centre Hemel Hempstead and online.

It is planned to be made of galvanised steel and an artist's impression shows it situated on a circular lawn in front of the apartments, surrounded by small trees.

The concept is of reels of film in three different sizes, each with a piece of unreeled 'film' coming from it.

The design statement says it "draws reference to the site's last use by Kodak as an important company both for Hemel Hempstead, as a town and as pioneers in the photography industry." It had been kept purposely simple for immediate impact.

The sculpture cannot be installed until planning permission has been given and the design may well change.

As proposed, the sculpture is expected to be 7m at its tallest point and approximately 3m at its widest (ie the diameter of the largest reel).

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