Squishy's recovery after being squashed by a sofa

A tiny kitten who who captuired the hearts of Gazette readers is making good progress.

Monday, 21st November 2016, 4:50 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd November 2016, 12:27 pm
squishy the cat PNL-160607-144045001

Squishy the cat was so named by by Cats Protection (CP) volunteers after she suffered spinal nerve damage injured by being squashed in the back of a reclining sofa over the summer.

Incredibly the young animal received no broken bones but, after being told of the potential treatment costs involved the kitten’s previous owners signed her over to CP’s care.

However last month Squishy had a very delicate operation on her bowel, was allowed home the same day, and is continuing to recover at her new home in Hemel.

A CP spokesman said: “Squishy had to have daily trips to the vet for check-ups, which showed her temperature was starting to rise. This was treated with a second course of antibiotics.

“She has made and continues to make good progress in her recovery. She is more lively, still behind on a kitten of her age but doing well. She hasn’t learnt the art of climbing which is a bonus for my curtains!

“The operation was very successful as she can now poo without the help of medication or enemas. Still not progressed to a litter tray as yet, as climbing in and out is a problem for her, but her back legs are strengthening all the time, so we hope in time this will be possible.

“The difference in her since the op is a happier kitten, bit more independent and now showing that Torti attitude a bit more.”