Speaker’s Corner: Politics is hotter than a flaming Christmas pud

Speaker's Corner: Howard Koch
Speaker's Corner: Howard Koch

My committee and I would like to wish all the people of the Hemel Hempstead parliamentary constituency a very merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year.

The end of a year is a time for reflection. UKIP has had an astounding year. Despite all the efforts of the liblabcon and some sectors of the press, UKIP won the EU elections.

This is the first time in over 100 years that a minority (as was back in May!) party won an election. We also won hundreds of council and county council seats. Then we won two seats in Parliament. The electorate were told that the EU win was just a one off and we would not hold our vote, how wrong they were.

We are now polling third in every national poll that has been held and our share of the vote is increasing daily.

We have to ask why?

Well the simple fact is that the libcon coalition cannot address the real issues that concern the electorate because they have their political hands tied by the EU.

Despite all the rhetoric from Mr Cameron, Brussels (and particularly Mrs Merkel) will not allow any renegotiation of EU treaties, and this leaves us at the mercy of the EU.

We cannot control our boarders, we cannot control fishing in our waters and we cannot control energy policy which will see 1/3 of our power stations closed next year.

There are many other issues that the EU dominates and the simple fact is the electorate know this and have had enough.

However, it is not just national ,issues where UKIP is setting the agenda, locally too we are effective.

There might be controversy in the minds of some people over who actually was instrumental in stopping the Little Hay land fill project, but we in UKIP Hemel Hempstead are quite clear, we feel that it was due to our intervention. We also had a very well attended meeting regarding LA3, with members from other parties taking notes and asking questions! Why I am stating this?

Well the councillors in the LA1 ward have produced and distributed a leaflet to the effect that they are opposed to the LA1 development.

This is quite interesting since the council and county council (Tory majority) voted almost unanimously for the building developments.

Could it be that panic is setting in? Could it be that they have realised that green belt developments are a vote looser?

Could it be that they are worried about losing their seats to UKIP?

Just as a reminder our key local issues are : saving the hospital, stopping the green belt developments, building a Pavilion, repairing the roads, securing local jobs for local people. The liblabcon is so worried about UKIP they might just address these issues out of fear of losing their seats!

One thing is for certain, next year UK politics will be hotter than a freshly steamed Christmas pudding flaming in brandy!

I am certainly looking forward to having a public debate with the other candidates, it should prove to be very 

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