Songwriter inspired by Ed Sheeran to pursue singing dream releases first single

A teenager who was inspired to take her song writing passion seriously by hit-maker Ed Sheeran has released her first single.

Monday, 14th September 2015, 1:00 pm
Lucy Mair, The Fool.

Lucy Mair, a former Berkhamsted Collegiate schoolgirl, landed a record deal with Oxfordshire-based independent label BFS Records.

Her first single - The Fool - was released on Friday and her EP Naïve is due out in a few weeks’ time.

The sixth form student lays her life bare in her song lyrics with The Fool being based on her own experience.

Singer and songwriter Lucy Mair.

“The lyrics are incredibly honest,” said Lucy, 17. “It is the story of last summer and how it had affected me. It is not the happiest song.”

The singer and song writer took jazz piano lessons as a youngster and is self-taught on the guitar.

She uses song-writing as a stress reliever and has been helped into the business by her musical savvy parents.

“It’s a real stress reliever. If I’m panicked or worried I will go to a guitar or piano and five minutes later it will be OK,” said Lucy, who is studying French, English literature and music.

“It is a bit scary because all the songs that I write are true stories and very personal to me, so giving that to people to criticise is scary but rewarding.

After completing her A Levels, Lucy is planning of taking a gap year to concentrate on gigging.

She was inspired to pursue her musical dream by Ed Sheeran.

“I love Ed Sheeran,” she said. “I think he is great.”

Find out more about Lucy by searching her name on Facebook and listen to her song