Skydive magician ‘couldn’t feel the tricks’ as sub-zero temperatures almost scuppered world record

Martin Rees freefalling from 15,000 ft
Martin Rees freefalling from 15,000 ft

The thrill-seeking estate agent-cum-magician who set a world record for most magic tricks performed while skydiving at 120 mph has revealed he had no feeling in his hands.

Martin Rees, 28, who lives in Apsley Lock, already had the world record for most magic tricks performed in a wind tunnel.

But Mr Rees then took his skills to new heights by completing 11 magic tricks while on a 15,000 ft skydive.

And at new depths of temperature (-20 deg), it wasn’t just gravity that he had to contend with.

“My hands froze – I couldn’t actually feel the tricks,” he said. “I had to rely on muscle memory to perform, which made it quite difficult.

“I hadn’t anticipated just how cold it was going to be.

martin rees

martin rees

“I never intended to do a record, just a sponsored skydive. But I got chatting to the charity (Spread a Smile) and they said: ‘Have you thought about the world record?’”

The attempt was overseen on the ground by an official Guinness World Records adjudicator, with the help of Go Pro footage taken from Mr Rees’s helmet and another skydiver.

Magicians have performed tricks while skydiving in the past, even 50 years ago, but never a series of tricks.

And never ones where the magician magics a piece of paper from their eye, like Mr Rees did.

He took on the challenge to raise money for Spread a Smile – a charity which brings entertainment to children at hospitals.

In May, Mr Rees set the record for most magic tricks performed in a wind tunnel when he completed eight in three minutes.

Next, he wants to face his fears of water by completing tricks at the bottom of an ocean.