Site shortlisted for M25 service station

M25. Library image.
M25. Library image.

A site in Hunton Bridge has been shortlisted for a new M25 service station.

The specific location close to Junction 20 cannot be disclosed at this stage as no formal planning application has been submitted.

However, informal enquiries have been made with planners at Three Rivers District Council and another site – at Maple Cross near Junction 17 - has also been identified.

The service station would accommodate around 1,000 parking spaces and would be similar to the M25 service station in Cobham.

Council director of community and environmental services Geof Muggeridge said: “We have quite a significant section of the motorway with no service station in our area, so you could take the view we get all the pain in the district, in terms of the traffic and the poor air quality and when the motorway closes down for some reason, we get diverted traffic coming through the district from various junctions. But we do not get any of the benefits.

“A service station does have benefits to it - it offers employment and because of the nature of the jobs, it is likely to be locally sourced employment. The local authority would also get business rates from both the petrol station and the various retail service.”

A formal planning application is expected to be submitted in two to three months time.