Russian beauty inspires new song

Daria Kulesh PNL-151023-171031001
Daria Kulesh PNL-151023-171031001

An extraordinary true story is behind an exclusive song by singer songwriter Daria Kulesh that’s set to feature on a compilation album.

Kings Langley-based Daria has been invited to perform at a prestigious showcase on behalf of Folkstock Records as part of the London Folk and Roots Festival.

The festival runs over a two-week period and Daria is performing at The Islington pub, in London, on November 11. The all female line-upalso includes Minnie Birch from Hemel Hempstead, Kelly Oliver from Stevenage and Zoe Wren from London.

Folkstock is releasing a new compilation album called Downtown to celebrate the showcases, and each act performing is featured.

Daria’s track, which was specially recorded for the CD, is called The Moon and the Pilot. It features Kate Rouse of KARA on hammered dulcimer and piano.

Russian-born Daria said:“My great grandmother was a famous beauty in Ingushetia, a small republic in the mountains of Caucasus, in the south of Russia. They said her beauty outshone the moon, and she married a man of the sky, a fighter pilot.

“Then the war came. The pilot perished in 1942 as he was trying to deliver supplies to Leningrad under siege. He was only found in 1944 and given a hero’s funeral.

“The cruel irony was that his wife and two young children, along with the rest of the small nation were, under the orders of Joseph Stalin, declared enemies of the state in league with Hitler – an absurd claim as most of Ingushetia’s men were fighting against Hitler in the Russian army.

“In the middle of winter, Ingushetians along with Chechens were brutally displaced and deported from their homes.

“This is the story of one extraordinary woman’s strength and survival.”

The album is out on November 12 and on pre order from 1st November.

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