Rubble trouble in Hartcroft Close

A dangerous rubble pit is creating a nightmare for people living in Hartcroft Close in Hemel Hempstead.

Friday, 15th March 2013, 4:04 pm
The pit leftoutside Kevin Sells' home in Hartford Close.

After a tree was removed due to its awkward position in the road, which is part of a development managed by the Hightown Praetorian housing association, a neighbour says nothing been done to restore the area and believes it is a safety hazard.

Kevin Sells says the inches-deep hole poses a threat to young children from the cul-de-sac, as it contains loose bricks, concrete powder and a mountain of rubble.

He lives on the road and has two daughters, aged six and two. He said: “Everyone knows everyone on this road, and it’s normal for our kids to go and play outside together. Luckily the weather means they won’t be doing that but you can’t keep them on a leash, if one of them trips in it they could really hurt themselves.

The pit leftoutside Kevin Sells' home in Hartford Close.

“It is a real inconvenience, and I am left confused as to whose problem this is to deal with. I am cheesed off because nobody is listening to me, it is just like they don’t care.”

Kevin has alerted the housing association, and said a contractor whose name he cannot remember told him more work would be done on Monday, leaving the problem over the weekend.

He added: “I would understand them wanting to come back and fill it in later, but at least cordon it off and make it safe. It is just annoying because of my girls. If one of them falls down there I at least want to know who to go to.”

Housing authorities have been approached for comment and a response is awaited.