Get clean to bring up baby daughter, judge tells addict mother

A drug addict who regularly took heroin and crack cocaine when pregnant has been told by a family court judge she might be able to bring up her daughter if she can "get clean".

Judge Sarah Davies concluded that the baby, who was born in 2017, must go into temporary foster care as the woman, who has spent time in jail, cannot currently safely care for her.

The judge said the woman had shown no "insight" into the harm her drug taking while pregnant might have caused, b ut suggested she should not give up hope and advised her to do what professionals asked.

Judge Davies sent the woman a message in a written ruling on the child's case following a private family court hearing in Canterbury, Kent.

"What I would say to the mother is that there are many parents in this position who manage to get clean and keep their child," said the judge.

"I would say to her she should co-operate with social services ... with probation services and do all that is required of her."

The judge did not identify the woman or child in her ruling.

She said social services bosses at Kent County Council had asked her to make decisions about the girl's care.

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