Case of MP suspended by Tories 'a matter for police to investigate', PM says

Prime Minister Theresa May has refused to comment on the longstanding suspension of a former Tory whip.

Dover and Deal MP Charlie Elphicke was suspended by the Conservative Party on November 3 following ''serious allegations''.

Mr Elphicke has denied any wrongdoing and says he still does not know what the allegations are.

Mrs May, who was visiting homeowners who had benefited from stamp duty reforms in Wokingham, was asked what she would like to say to the MP two months on from his suspension.

She said: ''I am not going to comment on an individual case, this is a matter that is now for the police to investigate and that's what's happening.''

Mr Elphicke said: "It's now two months since I was accused of unspecified allegations.

"To this day I have not been interviewed by the police and they have not told me what I am accused of or who my accuser is."

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