RAF duo search for lost comrade from Hemel Hempstead

After fighting on the frontline 60 years ago, RAF airmen David Andrews and Frank Gill are on the hunt for their long-lost comrade Sid Avis.

Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 6:41 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:24 pm
RAF Habbaniya trio (from left to right): David Andrews, Frank Gill and Sid Avis.

Sid and David met in June 1957 when they were both shipped out to the RAF Habbaniya intelligence gathering station in Iraq during the Cold War.

The pair quickly became great friends as well as working partners and a year later joined forces with fellow watchman Frank.

The trio managed to reunite in the 60s when they had all been demobilised and returned home from their service abroad.

Having all lost contact over the years, David and Frank got back in touch with each other after finding their names in an RAF magazine a few years ago.

The two are still hopeful of finding their final member Sid, who lived in Seaton Road in the 50s and had a twin sister.

David, 79, who is from Barnsley, said: “We wanted to leave no stone unturned and exhaust all avenues in trying to find Sid. For all we know he could be lying on a beach somewhere or he could have died, but we are trying our best to create a three-way reunion before the inevitable makes it impossible.

“When we were in Habbaniya the three of us worked a watch system so only saw each other very briefly but my lasting memory of Sid was when we were on a civilian radio course for 6 months in the town of Taunton. Because we weren’t in uniform, we could traipse around the town, going out to the pubs and bowling alleys.

“Some of the other guys had motorcars so ocassionally we would make trips to Weymouth. I have great memories looking back.”

If anyone would like to get in touch with David about any information relating to Sid Avis, contact him on 01226289854 or via email at [email protected]