Proposed Druglink shared house won’t just be for armed forces veterans

It has been confirmed that shared housing for armed forces veterans could also be used by those in the final stages of recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

Misuse charity Druglink previously told the Gazette that only ex-servicemen and women would use its proposed shared house in Berkhamsted’s Clarence Road.

But now the fears of neighbours have been realised as a letter from housing association Oxygen Supported Housing, which has been working on the project in partnership with house owners Dacorum Borough Council, says the proposed development could be used by those recovering from alcohol or drug misuse.

A Clarence Road neighbour, who does not want to be named, said: “It just shows that we do have a point. We were told that it was for the armed forces and told that it wouldn’t be used for people that were recovering from alcohol and drug misuse, when the reality is it will be.”

The leaflet sent out to homes said: “These properties are provided for veterans of the armed forces who are returning to civilian life.

“There may also be people in the final stages of recovery from alcohol or drug misuse.”

Hemel Hempstead-based Druglink has also drawn up plans for a second shared house complex at The Gables, Prince Edward Street in Berkhamsted.

If given the green light, the five bedroom shared house will be for tenants in the final stages of recovery from alcohol or drug misuse.

The leaflet said: “By the time they move into The Gables they will be completely free of any alcohol or drug addictions.

“They will each have a support worker who will help them regain the life skills, experience and confidence to move fully back into society.”

It said that the majority of tenants will have gone through a 12-week residential programme at Druglink’s rehabilitation centre and those that have not will have achieved abstinence through a different route and will have been assessed as ready to move into supported housing.

Drop-in consultation sessions are being hosted today by Druglink today at Berkhamsted Civic Centre from 2pm to 3pm and 7pm to 8pm.

Those that cannot make it can email