Professor Filius Flitwick charms families at exclusive Gloria event

Hogwart's model
Hogwart's model

There was a sprinkling of magic for enchanted families at the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studios as Professor Filius Flitwick took a wand tutorial in the Great Hall as part of an exclusive event.

It was hosted by Gloria Hotels and Resorts and children gleefully followed with their wands as special guest Warwick Davis ran through his wingardium leviosa routine.

The Charms Master took selfies with fans and shared some of his stories from 10 years’ worth of filming which included how he never got chance to properly enjoy a Great Hall feast and how he narrowly avoided disaster with a floating candle.

The event, at the popular Leavesden studios, was the latest part of Gloria’s 20th anniversary celebrations which mark the five-star venue first opening its doors in 1997.

And everyone went home with beaming smiles after the VIP tour gave young and old the chance to relive the Harry Potter magic.

“The event was a huge success,” said Serap Kocabay, director of sales and marketing at Gloria.

“It was a pleasure to meet so many of our colleagues, valued tour operators and pass on some information about what Gloria has to offer as a holiday destination.

“And thanks to Warner Bros. Studios for being a great venue. We hope it was a magical experience for everyone.”

But while the company offers golf and sporting holidays, Oriental spa breaks, gourmet experiences or leisure activity holidays for all the family, Warwick Davis’s attendance cannot be guaranteed.